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While Mark is rubbing his hands in glee playing with his new computer, Apple released the new iPod. At $600 the price’s a little steep and makes the iRiver H320’s $299 price tag look a lot more attractive. I can squirt photos on to both, and I doubt I’d be away from a PC long enough to fill the 20GB capacity of that device with images.
Metafilter discussion here, along with some insightful comments and links.
I mentioned the H320 before: 1 2

Bah. That U2 iPod is ugly. I am going to buy some sort of mp3 player soon to take jogging and with me to work, I haven’t decided what to get. I do not think I want to buy an iPod, I do not like the looks of them, I have no interest in iTunes and the damn aac files.

Later… Hehe, User Friendly is funny.

7 thoughts on “iPod, uPod, we allPod

  1. I’m not sure where that quote came from, but saying you have no interest in “the damn aac files” is idiotic. iPod can store MP3s as well–you don’t have to use AAC. Just as you don’t have to use WMA on the iRiver.

    Perhaps it’s time to get smarter friends.

  2. iPods suck!!
    I’ve had three in the last year, and they all malfunctioned (one of the batteries burned out after just 10 days!) and had to be replaced. Then I got this little gadget called a Zen Touch, by Creative, and it rocks! I’ve had no problems with it, its way cheaper than an iPod, and it stores more songs.
    I urge you all to revolt against iPod society and go ZEN!

  3. My Zen Creative stoped working after 11 months of use. Now I’m thinking of buying the 60G iPod.

  4. i have my ipod mini for nearly a year, and my brother got the creatin zen, his broka about 2 weeks ago and will be cheaper to but a new one cause there is so much wrong with it! and my ipod is fine! long live the ipod!

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