Charlie Chaplin’s Kerry Accent

Charlie Chaplin, the star of silent movies of a bygone era spoke with a Kerry accent. Well, he did when he spent time in the town of Waterville in that county of Ireland. So his daughter says in this RTE documentary called “Kerry and the Tramp”.

It’s a wonderful documentary to listen to, especially as they interviewed his family and people who met him who all had their own stories about the actor.

I did not know that he was practically forced out of the United States because the authorities there suspected he was a communist. They let him back in the 70’s, but only for 15 days. He joked that they were still afraid of him!

I installed the RTÉ DocOnOne app but it’s stuck on the “Loading” page so best to not use that if you’re on Android. Does the iPhone version works better?
Then I was left wondering how do I subscribe to an itunes podcast without itunes but thankfully searching for “documentaries on one” in Podkicker worked!

3 thoughts on “Charlie Chaplin’s Kerry Accent

  1. I don’t know if you’ve seen The Great Dictator–it’s a good movie, so you should–but there’s a speech at the end that he gives where he essentially drops out of character. That speech is thought to be one of the big reasons why he was kicked out. It’s bound to be viewable on YouTube.

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