Terraria I bought the game a while back…

Terraria. I bought the game a while back and I’m still struggling to get it. Yes, it’s like Minecraft, but only in the same way Bad Company 2 is a shooter like Black Ops is a shooter. They’re very different games.

I think perhaps my lack of interest is due to a lack of time to invest in the game mining for minerals and learning what to make. 99% of my gaming is done after 9pm, by which time I’m generally exhausted. How’s about you? Has Terraria grabbed you by the proverbial goolies and won’t let go or did you just walk on by?

Regardless, here’s some reading for you: the getting started page on the Terraria wiki and a beginners guide from PC Gamer.

4 thoughts on “Terraria I bought the game a while back…

  1. I saw a brief vid of it and thought “pfft”. It just looked like something I used to play on the Amstrad, a cross between DigDug and Wonderboy. Both of which never really captured me back then.

  2. Hmmm just watched a couple of the vids and I have to say it doesn’t grab my attention at all. Then again Minecraft didn’t until I started playing it !

  3. Since then I bought the mobile version of the game and played that a lot with my son over the local wifi network. It’s a great port, and I now think it’s a very entertaining game, although I haven’t played the PC version much at all!

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