dear Donncha

it`s really awful and its spain.. not yemen or libya and so on. and i`m shocked about the last weeks and western media because you can really not trust stuff like Reuters and so on. i was in syria 2 weeks ago, traveled through the country and yeah one day a friend of mine called me.. beware of this place in this city because theres a huge demonstration right now and al-jazeerea & reuters and so told so. i was at this place in syria at this moment. no demonstration, just a normal friday.

i see there are demonstrations in some villages and citys in syria but theres much more behind it than a call for democracity (sorry my english..). and its pushed from outside. i`m german and have nothing to do with syria but after my own experiences in the last month i learned my lesson that the media is not keen on facts, they want dramatic demonstrations, a syrian spring..

but have a look at tunis and egypt.. will they really change to democracity in some months, years? Mh.

beside this awulf happenings worldwide.. have a good day!