Many moons ago I wrote about where my handle xeer came from. A planet in the classic 8-bit game Elite was called Xeer. Unknown to me, Xeer is also the polycentric legal system of Somalia!

Back in 2003 someone asked to use my hotmail account of the same name but I declined and found out it was something to do with the constitution of Somalia. That Wikipedia page dates from 2009 so at least I can read up on the part of Somali heritage now!

3 thoughts on “Xeer

  1. And having just tried to login as xeer@hotmail.com I found that someone else is using it. I didn’t know MS gave away dormant accounts.

    The Security Question on it is, “???? ???? ?? ???????” which translates as “Best friend from childhood”.

    Oh well, pity as I had that account from before Microsoft bought hotmail.com in the late 90’s.

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