First “proper” game of Modern Combat a…

First “proper” game of Modern Combat and it’s a game of domination. I spent a few minutes trying to get into team deathmatch games but I kept getting kicked so it was this or nothing.

The game lasted quite a while but I only got 13 kills, 20 deaths. Nobody used their mic which in this game was booorrriiinngggg! After the beautiful atmospherics in Bad Company 2 I miss the rush of the wind, or bird call or whatever. It was pure silent!

Meh, sucky game. Anyone want to see it?

8 thoughts on “First “proper” game of Modern Combat a…

  1. Oh, I got the sound working. Instead of feeding the main sound through the digital out (to my headset) I fed it to the SCART connection with multi on so only getting 2 channel sound to my headset but it works. I switch it back for the aural feast that is Bad Company 2 🙂

    1. If you really want to see it I’ll render it and make it an unlisted video to show on this post but be warned it’s over 20 minutes long. I think you’ll fall asleep long before it’s finished!

  2. I WAS curious about the game until I spent 10 minutes being told I couldn’t join a game because the room was full. Then i joined one and all I could do was follow what each player was doing. Then i tried it to the following day, got it…………….and it wasn’t great. With all the other multiplayers out there, can’t see myself playing this.

  3. Turns out Modern Combat has been hacked. The hack hasn’t been released but it’s only a matter of time.. (Thanks Mike for tweeting this!)

  4. And here’s that game. 20 minutes long, no commentary. Just what I saw and experienced without the hassle of actually playing this fairly rubbish game.

    1. That wasn’t so bad to watch -it relaxed me after Jared’s Amnesia vids. So, how frustrated were you with the supposedly “safe spot”-respawns?

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