Duke Nukem Forever Trailer

The trailer to the new Duke Nukem game looks good! If you don’t remember the first game from when it was first released don’t play it now. The pixelated low res graphics will disappoint, and they might even make you wonder what the hell was so good about it. Trust us old guys, it was great in it’s day and this trailer teases a great return for Duke on May 6th!

Oh, trailer is 17+, probably for all the pixelated nudity!

2 thoughts on “Duke Nukem Forever Trailer

  1. My guess is that the game will probably be okay but nothing special, but at this point I almost don’t think it matters. This game has been rumored for so long and so many people want it that I think we’ll just be thankful for something. As long as there are plenty of solid Duke one liners I think I’ll be mostly happy.

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