Bad Company 2 conquest last night for me…

Bad Company 2 conquest last night for me, and it was all on the old maps. I don’t know what happened to the map rotation but none of the new ones appeared.

I was playing with a few guys from Ps3 Coffin Dodgers first, then Chris, his friend and Conor joined our team so I squaded up with them. Niall joined us later and we blasted through the enemy like a hot knife through butter!

I had a particularly good time with the UMP and 4x scope. I tend to avoid that scope but because the maps are so big it was a boon. Got lots of great footage so expect some gameplay videos at some stage! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Bad Company 2 conquest last night for me…

  1. It was so hard to get back into the swing of Battlefield after playing so much COD lately. After taking the time to get to know the old maps, I felt like a noob again on the new ones.

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