ACE Pin? What? How the hell did I do tha…

ACE Pin? What? How the hell did I do that? My aim in Bad Company 2 is completely ruined by playing Black Ops.

I did really badly in a game of SDM by myself but then David came online and we joined a game of rush, on Atacama Desert unfortunately. We were beaten easily and my aim was so bad I just switched to medic and used the SAW to spray and pray.

Bad Company 2 is so much more interesting than any Call of Duty game. Where else can you see vehicles sail through the air after hitting land mines?

4 thoughts on “ACE Pin? What? How the hell did I do tha…

  1. Good couple of games. I’ve uploaded a teaser clip (well it should be uploaded by the time you read this) and will put a highlights vid together tomorrow I think.

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