0 thoughts on “Arming is for idiots

  1. I actually had a bit of a spat about this with jhishan on oogbilly’s vid about this as he maintains that defending against this sort of thing is easy to do. Although, yes, it’s easy to defend against one guy who tries it once and then gives up – when there’s a squad who are hell bent on destroying the MCom by any means other than arming it then it’s pointless to even try.


    1. Wow, I was just waiting for him to ask you to “step outside”. DICE will I hope do something about this problem.

      It’s almost enough to make me want to go back to MW2, but on PS3 where at least I don’t have to worry about hacked lobbies.

      1. You say MW2 and I pop up 🙂
        I’m up for any team games on PS3 MW2 any time.

        If I wanted – and I do – a ‘Coming back to BC2’ post/video that would get me primed for some decent action, which posts should I read and what vids should I watch? I know playing on my own could be very frustrating given my lowly Bullet Fodder status but you guys know and I’d like to 🙂

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