Blacklight Tango Down

I first read about Blacklist Tango Down a few days ago and it looked very interesting. It’s a first person shooter with customizable weapons, 12 maps, lots of game modes, 4 coop maps playing against enemy AI, who spawn in random areas. (hear that DICE?)

It’s out today on Xbox Live but they’re still working on a PS3 version. Hopefully there’ll be a demo on XBL I can try later.

Edit: Patricia has written about her first impressions of the game.

0 thoughts on “Blacklight Tango Down

    1. Yeah, it’s disgraceful! Are they trying to show up EA and Activision? It’s shocking!

      I can’t wait. Disappointing it’s not out on PS3 today but I’ll post a first impressions comment here later if I can.

      1. I demand that they immediately remove ten of the maps to sell back to us at a later date, make the co-op mode an optional add on, and charge for any useful weapons before I get a glimmer of optimism. Or are they positioning themselves to be the gaming consumers darlings?

      1. we can send invites to each other, and since we’re both on, i think we should play the game together 😛

        or hell, screw this and let’s play some BC2 now that we finally managed to both be on at the same time! xD

      2. I’d love to but family duties call. My 3yro son Adam wants to play! Until he goes to bed at night I rarely get more than 10 minutes to play anything. The joy of parenting 🙂

  1. I played it for 2 minutes until I was called away to assemble a garden table. First impressions:

    It’s definitely not a full price game, that much is apparent from the menu system which looks like an old DOS font or something. Graphics in game are fine though but it’s very much a twitch shooter and plays more like Halo than Modern Warfare 2.

    Despite all the hype, it took ages to find a game. I tried deathmatch first and it found a game after about 30 seconds but disconnected me upon joining. I then played domination. Took just as long to join that but apparently I had 4 bars of ping strength!

    There is recoil on the assault rifle I used and after you stop firing the gun appears to aim upwards. It doesn’t recover from the effect of recoil after firing in other words.

    My sensitivity was at 7 which was a point or two too high for me but I didn’t have time to adjust it.

    I think I got one kill but was killed at least 5 times. On each of MW2 and BC2 I hated the first few goes at them as I got used to the game so I can’t say it’s great or crap yet.

    1. I’m pretty sure the font has nothing to do with it being a budget title, but rather the whole futuristic/technological warfare thing. See, you made the connection to DOS!

      I think they weren’t prepared for the number of people who actually bought the game, because I had similar experiences with matchmaking. 7 was too high for me, too, but 6 seemed better. 5 was too low.

  2. Its reall good but they need to add a pre-game lobby so you can invite friends easier. they also need to let you join while the game is going because when people leave you get stuck in a game with 4 other team mates and only one enemy so it gets really hard. otherwise its really good. so if the game cretors are reading yhis please make those corrections soon. thanks

  3. Bob i totally agree and if the creators did add that stuff it would be so much better and im sure alot more people would play it.

  4. I agree too!!!!!!! Add that stuff guys at BLTD it would be so much better!!!! DO IT!!!!!!

      1. i am so serious. they really need to make thoes changes otherwise it is kind of anoying to get in a good game or play with friends.

  5. If the Guys at BLTD are reading this add a oregame lobby and make it so you can join in the middle of a game. it would be so much better.

  6. Here’s a good interview with Jared Gerritzen, one of the developers of the game. The subject of DLC came up and the answer is refreshing:

    We’ll fix any bugs or nasty issues that pop up. We could do “map pack” and “weapon packs” and eventually make so the fans pay full price for the game after a few months. But with other games bleeding the fans for maps they already had, it really put me off of map packs. We have 12 maps in the game, we could have easily pulled a few back and made people pay for them later, but I want people to be fans of the game not think we’re trying to pull the same crap others are.

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