You don’t want to hear about our games …

You don’t want to hear about our games of Bad Company 2 tonight. We went up against BF veterans with 4-6 games experience in one squad (trashed us), a level 6 player who got the 3rd highest score on his team (and knew of a location on Port Valdez that only an experienced player would know), guys tossing c4 and mines onto crates so Bravo was dead even before I spawned, or using rockets from afar to kill the crates, and of course M60 wielding medics all over the place.

Thanks Mike, David, Gary for the games. My KDR somehow stays at 0.82, and I increased the KDR of the engineer and medic classes by 0.01 each. My skill level took a nose dive from 224 to 155 however. Hopefully that’ll mean slightly easier games next time.

Edit: The guys continued playing after I logged out but it appears the games didn’t improve. David says he’s taking a break from the game and I don’t blame him.

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  1. And here’s a reddit post about team balancing issues. I know we took advantage of that in the past but playing on the winning team when you’re trouncing the opposition is no fun either.

    My win/loss ratio has dived from 1.66 to 1.55 in the last 48 hours too.

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