Motion mines rock when you’ve just set …

Motion mines rock when you’ve just set the bomb on a crate in Bad Company 2. Just throw it in front of you and ding ding ding, you’ll see any incoming defenders. Worked a treat on a crate in Valparaiso!

I played a few rounds with strangers last night. I lost the first game and even though people on my squad used a mic, I could hear a female voice speaking loudly and the sounds of family life in the background the whole time. I quit, it was too distracting.

The next games were more interesting. We successfully defended Valparaiso on the first base, and I think won the next game too but the final few games were tough. I noticed my team was down to 10 men when the other team had 12, maybe someone switched? Anyway, we were overrun several times. The other team were well coordinated, with recon guys sighted on crate taking out us defenders with mortar strikes and potshots. It was a rout.

I suspect both teams relied too heavily on recons however. My squad got best squad in one game, despite losing. Shame nobody used their mics.

Still, I got 2 dog tags. I hid behind a tree while retreating on Laguna Presa. I heard the whoomp and saw the smoke from an assault guy and presently he walked right past me, unawares. Unaware until I snuck up behind him! Can’t remember the other one but that player got his revenge plenty of times as I watched him on killcam way too often …

Oh, leveled up to 17, unlocked a few weapons and gadgets (12 gauge slugs, improved demolitions, SV98 and assault 4x scope), won the “Elite Battlefield Knowledge” award for 5 gold stars, KDR increased by 0.02 but most other stats remained static.

Edit – I’ve just added Laguna Presa and Nelson Bay to the defense maps for Bad Company 2.

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