Three dog tags

Mixed bag of gaming last night, and the fact I was tired after a long day didn’t help. Started off getting slaughtered first and then joined another game where we did much better. I touched upon the games in my matchmaking post below.

Attacking on Isla I was shot by a sniper, from the mainland. Through the killcam I noticed he was accompanied by 2 others, sitting under a tree next to their tent. Luckily they were still there when I spawned, nearly scaring the **** out of Dave when I spawned behind him and forgot to tell him!

Anyway, Dave was on the road, so I doubled back. Going carefully down the hill I spotted my friends. They had a barbeque going too and the smell of roasting meat was something to behold! Rather than disturb their camping too much I elected not to shoot, but prepared to get my knife out. Three quick stabs and the barbeque had ended, the tent was in tatters and the wookies had decided to book into a hotel next time.

Later on another map someone on our squad managed to tracer the Blackhawk and it was a delight to see my CG round fly through the air and bring down that aircraft. Got 2 kills out of it too.

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  1. I wondered where those snipers went. One of them got me too and so I was out for some sweet sweet revenge. But you’d already stabbed them in the face!

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