Bad Company 2 Shotguns

Spurred on by the videos below I decided to give the shotguns in Bad Company 2 a go yesterday evening. I played about 15 minutes of a game of Rush on Arica Harbour. I joined the game late when our team was about to lose Alpha and then quickly lost Bravo in the first base and the fight in the town went just as quickly too.

The shotguns (pre patch) are great, within their limitations. You’ve obviously got reduced range and on a wide open map like Arica Harbour they’re not ideal but in close combat when the other team had bombed the third Bravo it was effective. According to my stats I got 4 kills with them. 2 for each of the 870 and Saiga, and 1 headshot for each too! I preferred the Saiga for it’s semi auto fire, and switched back and forth between magnum ammo and extra shells so I couldn’t really tell a difference in such a short game.

The two videos below give conflicting advice. Use whatever suits you best. 🙂


I always wondered about this. If you quit during a game of Rush does that count as a loss on your stats? I don’t think so. My “rounds played” and win/loss haven’t changed as I never finished the game I was playing.

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