We started off badly. Dave and I. He joi…

We started off badly. Dave and I. He joined me and the team I was initially matched with overran us in every game. They used helis to drop off soldiers behind our lines, they used mobile spawn points effectively, they beat us to a pulp. Dave blogged about the night’s gameplay too.

Unfortunately my PS3 disconnected twice. The first time it totally crashed and needed to be rebooted, and the second time I had just flanked a recon and an assault guy on a roof. I stabbed the assault guy as he was closer and moved away to hit the recon guy when I got a black screen and was disconnected! ARGH! I was so pissed off. I checked my stats in the game later I didn’t get a dog tag for that kill. FFS. I was fit to …

After I reconnected we thought a strategic retreat from that game was in order and eventually found ourselves against a better matched team. We won several rounds, even holding them off at the second base in Nelson Harbour and the first base in Port Valdez. I stayed in the construction site there for most of that round. First time I had done that and went mad cutting down trees, spotting and taking down enemies. Got a killstreak of 8 for my efforts! The construction site was taken by three enemy at one point, they started to use the heavy MG and watch the field of battle in front, not keeping an eye on the stairs. We rushed back, I was trailing having spawned below and I caught sight of Dave getting another 2 dog tags to add to his considerable collection.

My handy tracer came out too and helped me plant a few CG rockets on tanks, but I was quite proud of myself hitting a tank across the map without tracing it.

On Port Nelson we quickly lost the second Bravo station. I was heading over there when I saw at least 3 of our team outside the building but they failed to stop it. Regardless, we held the attackers off in fine fashion at Alpha.

Always pick up kit, especially if you’re out of ammo! I was leveling up the recon class but I ran out of ammo and David and I were on the roof of the second Bravo on Nelson Bay so no quick access to an assault ammo box. Unfortunately David was taken out by a sniper in a tree and he hit me too but I survived. I was able to get David’s medic kit. Unfortunately by the time I had made sure the coast was clear I was too late to revive him but I made good use of his LMG spawn trapping the other team as they rushed to defuse Alpha. He spawned on me, we took the other crate and moved up!

My KDR has increased to 0.61 (had a positive KDR in a number of games), a nice jump of 0.02. I leveled up to 15, Staff Sergeant III and unlocked magnum ammo which is a beast. For someone who can’t aim to (sometimes) save his life it’s a huge help.

Thanks to Dave, David, and minato88 who made a great squad to fight alongside!

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  1. I don’t think you’d have been able to revive me up on the roof anyway, as I’m pretty sure I hadn’t unlocked the defib kit by then (I have now, though!).

    Been some great games so far, and enjoyed playing with you & Dave – makes such a difference to the game to play on a decent squad!

    I’ve dug out my Bluetooth headset so can talk next time, although it’s only a cheapy phone-style one, so hopefully it won’t be too bad for background noise. If I need to, I might go buy a decent bluetooth headset with a boom mic.

    1. Ah that’s right! I remember now cursing that it wasn’t there! Glad to hear you found that bluetooth mic, it can make a huge difference, and besides, it’s a lot more sociable too.

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