Rocking games. Quick summary as it’s la…

Rocking games. Quick summary as it’s late – we won almost all or maybe all our games of Battlefield Bad Company 2 tonight! I unlocked the engineer’s red dot sight, and 4x rifle scope as well as body armour. I also unlocked the Type 88 Sniper rifle even though I was running recon with the trusty M1. I leveled up to 14 too, and earned another 10091 points!

Numerous awards too. We were best squad at least twice. I got best player once, got an smg efficiency, surveillance ops pin, anti vehicle efficiency pin and and “superior service duty” for playing for one whole day! Not bad for a dad who plays for a few hours at night. Got one more dog tag too, Dave got plenty of those. Every few minutes I’d hear, Ooh dog tags!”

Unfortunately there’s a bug in the game where it doesn’t record M1 kills so apparently I’ve never used it. Grrr. I also spotted the magnum ammo bug. The client thinks it’s unlocked at level 14, but servers won’t let you use it until level 15. I’m almost halfway to level 15 anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks to Dave, David and MJ for being such a great squad.

Before the others logged in I had joined a few other games but the squads I was put were rubbish. Attacking on Isla and everyone ignored the helicopters, even as I was calling to my squad to come back. How could they know I was rubbish at flying it? That’s the problem with playing alone, you’re inevitably put into a team that’s losing and someone has rage quit. Hey, I’ll rage quit too so I can’t complain too loudly. I joined David’s game when he logged into PSN, then Dave and finally MJ and we rocked as a squad.

Now that the stats have updated, I see my Win/Loss ratio has gone up to a very healthy 1.12. I only lost one game last night, and I remember that was when I joined a team on Port Nelson right at the end of the game when they only had one base left. So, we won 5 games in a row after that!
I stayed alive slightly longer and my KDR rose by 0.01. More importantly, I seem to have nabbed 3 dog tags! I would probably have four, as I had laid down a motion mine and spotted an enemy running across a road away from me. I snuck up behind him and was this close to getting him when Dave doubled back and shot him! I think I got a motion mine assist anyway, but it was one moment when I felt we had control of the confrontation which is very pleasing.

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  1. Does BigPresh have a mic? He sent me an invite the other night on your suggestion, so he’s on my friends list too.

    That “almost dogtag” moment you had….. I was just about to hop over the wall when I noticed the orange triangle appear on the mini-map and thought “Uh-oh there’s someone RIGHT behind me….” which was I turned around – and also explains the motion mine assist. I thought someone had spotted him (something that there wasn’t a great deal of last night).

    1. He sent me a note after the game promising he’d get his mic for the next game! ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m glad the motion mine worked! I missed it in the next round when I changed to an engineer and we were running around the airfield.

      You’re right too about spotting! I did my fair share when I could, and “overheated” the spotting button quite a bit. On one map we were defending Mike had just taken out a tank and I hit the spot button and lit up about 5 guys running down the road about 100m away. Wooah!

      1. Once the consoles are patched we’ll get three as well. I’ll have to watch that video again. I’m still over 1,000 points from the mortar strike but I like the recon kit with the M1.

      2. Ah ha, I thought that was an older video as they hadn’t uploaded a video in ages. Great advice in that video.
        The bit about resupplying from assault class reminded me of a game with strangers on the Xbox on Thursday. On Laguna Presa we were defending and I joined the game just before the last base as an engineer. I took out a few tanks and enemy soldiers. When I started to run low on ammo I called out to my (non mic using) squad asking for ammo but got no reply. I took over the AT shooting incoming tanks and at least 2 light vehicles. With my last round I brought down the driver of a quad bike!

        An assault guy was standing right next to me at the AT. I pumped the select button, but no response. I was fit to burst by now and luckily there was a lull in the action so I ran back to a squad mate on a container looked up and hit select while swapping weapons. He got the the hint and earned lots of points as I replenished gun, tracer and RPG ammo.

        We eventually won the round ๐Ÿ™‚

      3. And one final thing – while we were defending Bravo on Arica Harbour in the first game (just after MIke joined us) I remember hearing the ping ping and knew we were being tracked. I got taken out with a grenade after that. I suppose knowing now that non movement isn’t detected wouldn’t have helped much as the space was so small.

  2. There were a lot of motion mines going on in the games last night. The most I’ve ever come across so far. And yes, it would have been helpful if we knew that not moving rendered them useless. But each time I heard the ping ping it just gave me a warning that an enemy was close – much like the Scrambler perk in MW2.

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