After a few successful games of Bad Comp…

After a few successful games of Bad Company 2 last night my KDR has increased to 0.53 it would be higher but I tried leveling up the assault class too, with disastrous results!

I joined a game of SDM with David earlier in the evening. It was my favourite map, Laguna Presa, and I only popped in to see if I could get on to David’s squad. I couldn’t, and I died several times, once at David’s hands!

Thanks Geoff for the invite into the game. I didn’t contribute much and then got kicked by the network as my DSL had a hissy fit. Maybe next time.

After seeing a clip yesterday where a team used smoke grenades to attack and successfully destroy a base I decided I needed to work on the assault class. Unfortunately it was the last game of the evening for me and as mentioned previously, I didn’t do too well.

Highlight of the evening: Attacking on Isla, riding a jetski to the island and taking Bravo within a few minutes of the game starting. We had 69 tickets left after taking that one!

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