Want to show off your Bad Company 2 stat…

Want to show off your Bad Company 2 stats? Check out the BfBC2 Stats-o-Matic page where you can enter your gamertag or username. Here’s mine. You can even compare two players.

bfbc2 stats (via)

Want to improve that score? Remember those class guides I blogged a few days ago? TheStonedSheep has followed those guides up with a land vehicles guide and aircraft guide. Great reads.

I’m dividing my time between Modern Warfare 2 and Bad Company 2, once I get back to MW2 I must try out the Tar 21. Haven’t ever used it, opinion is divided about it. Here’s a good overview of the gun.

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  1. Pro-tip: The stats-o-matic stats allow you to see how many demolition kills you have gotten so you can keep track while trying to get the Demolition Man achievement.

    1. I hadn’t noticed the demolition kills. I must try that myself as it proved very effective when we were defending really well, but the enemy still shot the house to pieces on Nelson Bay and destroyed the bomb!

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