Bad Company 2 night tonight with Eddie. …

Bad Company 2 night tonight with Eddie. We started off badly, really badly. The first 2 or 3 rounds of Rush we were annihilated so we went searching for a more evenly matched game. We found one and stuck with them for a bit, I was even doing quite well as a medic leading the scoreboard with 1630 points (lots of reviving) when suddenly my screen went black and I was on the main screen again!

I rejoined the game, but of course my score had reset, but thankfully I kept the red dot sight for the medic class. Phew. Shortly afterwards the sound died. All I could hear was mic sounds. No in-game sound at all! I had to turn off the machine and rejoin again. I have a vague memory of that happening before.

Oh, then the batteries in the controller went. I knew I should have charged them so I grabbed some from my camera flash. Not before dying though.

In our last game we held down Bravo well enough to win. About a half dozen of us roaming the building fighting off the enemy. Us medics were busy reviving and passing out heals.

I have to figure out if other people are in squads. There was only Eddie and myself in our squad which is limiting but I don’t want to go inviting other team members who might be in squads already.

It was frustrating at first, but we had fun by the end of the night. I really have to ring Microsoft tomorrow.

My stats from earlier in the night

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    1. It could be, I don’t know. It was quite warm in my home office last night, and the previous night so that might contribute to the problem but the Xbox is well ventilated on a shelf. 🙁

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