19 thoughts on “WordPress MU 2.8.6

  1. It’s great they fixed the bugs of the previous version.
    @Branedy, actually, it’s not a good opening not working when released :), may be you’d better wait a little bit, try later.

  2. Just upgraded from … Auto upgrade failed as well… Ftp upgrade worked fine tho… Sites already seems to run smoother… Thanks for the Update Donncha

  3. Automatic upgrades worked fine for me on several sites, all on the same server, up until 2.8.6 then not. Something has changed though I don’t know what. I’m guessing a server setting.

    If anyone comes across a possible answer, I’d be happy to hear it.

  4. Auto-upgrade worked fine.

    One question though; is “site admin” > “upgrade” obsolete? I see that both of my two blogs (one BuddyPress, one not) on this MUWP install went to 2.8.6 without using “You can upgrade all the blogs on your site…”

    Oh, and thanks! (much)

    1. That upgrade message was necessary in the last upgrade because it removed slashes from blog options and site options tables. It’s done now so no need for it the message!

      It’s not obsolete though as sometimes blogs do need to be upgraded.

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