Reasons to upgrade your Ubuntu is down unfortunately. The release of Ubuntu 9.10, Karmic Koala the latest version of Ubuntu Linux, is obviously driving a heck of a lot of traffic to the site. (I wonder if they use the equivalent of wp-super-cache?)

Anyway, I’ll be upgrading tomorrow probably and once I do I’ll be checking out some of the applications mentioned on this page. Everything from an alternative media player, the (as yet unreleased) Gnome 3.0, audio/video editing, a photo manager to the pretty sweet Electric Sheep screensaver are listed here.

Many of the apps are available for Ubuntu 9.04 but others require building manually. I’ll be busy over the weekend 🙂

Here’s a few of the eye catching screenshots from that page, just to whet your appetite!

By Donncha

Donncha Ó Caoimh is a software developer at Automattic and WordPress plugin developer. He posts photos at In Photos and can also be found on Twitter.

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I like the current version but seems that the new one looks better. Maybe I’ll try to do further research about this. Thanks for sharing!

I upgraded yesterday and it’s been mostly ok. HAL and a few other services crashed but rebooting fixed all but one. The devkit-disks-helper-ata-smart-collect crash alert kept popping up every time I logged in. Thankfully it’s safe to ignore.

Gnome shell is a bit too unusable for me to use. I had to ssh in to my machine and restart gdm as I couldn’t even start a terminal. F-spot seems more responsive, even with 90k photos!

I upgraded over the weekend.

Everything seems to be working perfectly for me (which is unusual) but a nice surprise. Ubuntu continues to improve, and this release is well done.

Something which was a nice surprise is the ability to encrypt your home drive out of the box in the installer. If you are security minded it could be a great addition.

Ubuntu One: Ubuntu’s own cloud based folder sync also looks interesting

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