WordPress MU 2.8.1

WordPress MU is a multi user or multi blog version of WordPress that is used to run sites like WordPress.com.

Just a day after WordPress 2.8.1 came out and here’s WordPress MU 2.8.1. The original WordPress announcement has plenty to say about this release, but what you need to know is this is a security update and a required upgrade.

This is the first MU 2.8.x release because of course there wasn’t a 2.8 one. Make sure you upgrade to stay up to date. The handy auto upgrade facility built in to the software should kick in but if not, go to the download page and grab the new zip file. Unzip over your current install and any database upgrades will take care of themselves when people login.

The WPMU Timeline is a good place to look to keep track of what has changed. Many bugs were squashed and features added.

27 thoughts on “WordPress MU 2.8.1

  1. Strange: In the trunk it’s still ‘Big huge 2.8 merge. Some things are broken. Only for the brave.’ on lots of files.

  2. Hey Donncha, thanks!

    i’ve a question, for MU is possible have the auto-upgrade for a language like WP? i translate MU in italian and is a good idea have the auto-upgrade in my language.



  3. This upgrade problem is happening on all wordpress sites not just wpmu.
    Take a look on the wordpress forum.
    Everybody has the same problem.

    Some things are definitely not working right on wordpress 2.8.1.
    I’ll wait to 2.8.2.

  4. Just do a manual upgrade — download WPMU 2.8.1, extract it locally, then copy your themes and plugin folders’ contents to their local equivalents, do the same to wp-config.php, and check if there is a blogs.dir directory in wp-content (and move that as well to your local copy).

    Then, either delete your old installation files, and copy your local upgrade files back over, or just copy the local upgrade files over your installation, and you’re done. (I prefer delete, then copy over).

    I did that, after initially encountering the same problem, and it’s now acting as intended.

  5. Same problems going on with my Upgrade… something to do with en_US and en language versions, manually updated and dashboard still wants to upgrade. tried dashboard upgrade and it fails on class-wp-filesystem.php…

  6. Me, too: I updated one Mu site with the one-click update link (I do love that feature, by the way).

    The update went just fine, everything seems to works, my dashboard tells me “You are using WordPress MU 2.8.1.” but the nag message “WordPress MU 2.8.1 is available! Please update.” refuses to go away. (I haven’t had that happen on any of the single WP updates I did in the last few days….)

    Oh well. I won’t worry about it, I need to go back and test some BuddyPress features…

  7. Hey Donncha,

    I know this isn’t the right area for this, but upon upgrading to wpmu 2.8.1 I found a couple bugs that were killing the admin/dashboard directory.

    I am too tired as of right now to try and figure out the exact cause of the errors. I will try and attack tomorrow morning once I get some coffee in me.

    To correct, err temporarily subdue, these bugs I did this:

    wp-admin/includes/mu.php -> commented out line #1268

    wp-includes/theme.php -> commented out line #180
    $theme_data = implode( ”, file( $theme_file ) );

    Again sorry for the comment debugging, I know I should know this, but where is the proper place for me to report these?

    Thanks again for everything! Now time for some sleep….

  8. Hello!

    In WP MU 2.8.1, if the URL contains í (or Í) character in post, the wordpress cut the post in í character.

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