I didn’t know about QuickSynergy. I’ve been using SynergyKM on Mac for about a year, and love having 5 monitors & displays (including Laptop & its external). The ability to share keyboard mouse *&* clipboard is pretty cool!

@Liam – Holy Shmoly! 😉 Good tip about the ssh connection. Here’s a nice write up on it:


After perusing that, I enabled that on my MacBook Pro by adding this to an executable Shell Script I called synergy_over_ssh.sh:

ssh -f -N -L 24800:[synergy-server]:24800 [synergy-server]

NOTE: Replace [synergy-server] with the IP address or name of your [synergy-server]–the computer that is sharing its keyboard & mouse.

Then chmod 755 synergy_over_ssh.sh and add it to ‘System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items’ and you should be good to go.

Check to ensure synergy is running over ssh by executing ps -aux|grep ssh from the command line in Terminal.app:

webclay:zzBin webclay$
webclay 6722 0.0 0.0 599700 380 s000 R+ 3:33PM 0:00.00 grep ssh
webclay 6481 0.0 0.0 75640 216 ?? Ss 3:19PM 0:00.00 ssh -f -N -L 24800:[synergy-server]:24800 [synergy-server]
webclay 6480 0.0 0.0 77288 1912 ?? S 3:19PM 0:00.03 /usr/bin/ssh-agent -l