Message about Lisbon treaty:

Lisbon treaty seems to be totally strange and deleting democracy or human rights?

I’ve read an article which states that police gets rights to shoot people in some situations.

These kind of things are totalitarian politics.

It also propably stops right to go on strike.

And all this in whole Europe…

It is sad to notice that all other countries have accepted this treaty, but many governments have not even given people chance to vote about it.

Irish government has given you this right,…anyway it is really strange that Ireland maybe votes again about this, and only after few months?(or 2009?)

EU elite needs this YES, and they have ordered new voting?

If this is true it shows how horrible secret elite rules EU, and what can we expect from the future?
Lisbon treaty is basicly giving ‘Gestapo’-laws to EU-government, if needed?

And they seem to need those laws fast?

Vote NO, and save the world?

F.ex. in many european countries media and politicians has almost 100% ignored discussions about this subject, and people are not even aware about whole thing?

It is also good to remember that USA has now similar ‘mertial laws’ there, after 11th september 2001… ?

EU security officials decide about all security matters of whole EU?

Also there is some things which makes it very difficult for normal people to complain and get things corrected if there is wrongful handlings?

I hope I am wrong, but this whole thing , and how it has been handled seems really wrong? And it is not a democratic way to handle politics.?

Also small countries lose power
because there will be less EP-representatives?

ps. this message may include errors.

-Tore Toivicco