Thank You for the answer to my question

I searched on Google: wordpress blogpost spam
and found you as nr. 4

I was really wondering what was going on. Could there really be so many idiots out there?, around 3000 in less than 2 months, thinking they could get visitors through my site.

So Google have been, and still is, rewarding those people to fill up the internet with crap. Amazing.
Do you know about some software that easily could pick up those email addresses in a textfile. Or could you make some – maybe both for the past and future mails.

We could then, maybe with the click of a bottom, send all those smart people a long email like:

Thank you very much for your comment to my blog.

I think you might be interested in:

links (affiliate) 10 or 20 lines with something like
guru1 guru2 Seo1 Seo2 Trafficexchange 1 to 5
Service this and that.

I think you may find some of the links above more useful and relevant in your effort to improve your ranking in the search engines.

I have deleted your comment on my blog since it is highly irrelevant.

I wish you god luck skyrocketing your business.

Yours faithfully

PS if you do not understand this message, I would suggest you get some help from your friends or maybe your doctor.
Maybe we could earn some commissions for the effort of deleting all those crap comments.
I wonder if Google would be open for a -5 button.