So since this blog is running those fancy plugins my current attempt to spam you won’t work? Oh well, on to my next victim.

I’m kidding. But my opinion is that people who have read a blog, thought about it, then left a meaningful well thought out reply should be able to get a little love from Google or whomever. I mean, it all depends on the situation too. If I were moderating all my comments then I’d let everyone get google love except those who were obviously spammers. I happen to not moderate my comments. All comments get through except those Aksimet catches. I thought about doing something similar to what’s described in this post but decided against it because I get more honest comments than spam. Also, blogging is all about give and take. its a community thing and I feel bad not giving my readers a little bit of a reward. But for those who do what is suggested in this site I would totally understand and wouldn’t hold it against them. both sides have valid points. God, sorry for being so longwinded