Oh wow! Bon Jovi LIVE!

Oh yeah baby! Bon Jovi are playing live at the Punchestown Racecourse on Saturday 7th June, 2008! I can’t wait! I’m so going there! Thank you MCD for spamming me! Bloody idiots.

Anyway, why spend an outrageous €76.50 when I can sit here cocooned in my nice little office away from those horrid fans and watch the videos on Youtube? Ain’t the Internet great?

Tongue firmly planted in cheek.. except the bit about MCD spamming me.



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  1. This goes out to bon jovi i will make a memory a truehope memory merry christmas to bon jovi he has a great heart a truehope heart! lost highway with a T in the road slow down hope you get home safe for christmas on the holy highways god bless america! truehopedave.

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