Donncha's Monday Links

Finally got some shots of the Autumn leaves on the trees and the ground last night, a little late of course!

  • Funny Olympus commercial – full of passion!
  • Towering ambition – I knew I recognised Chicago’s Navy Pier!
  • Chemtrail Conspiracy – via a scrawled message on a building site in Cork. Photo to appear tomorrow.
  • Milking a dead horse – Tubular Bells x y and z. I remember going into HMV and seeing a different Tubular Bells album in the “sales” every few months. They all looked the same and I had no idea if the one Bells album I bought was the one on sale each time.
  • Bloglines top feeds – I’m subscribed to the top 2. There’s comfort in that.
  • Vic did the NCT last week. I have to book mine shortly.

    Things started to get even worse. When people were called for their results they didnt immediately jump up. They slowly looked up and repeated their name, pointed at themselves and then made the long walk of death to the guy with the NCT results.

  • WP Super Cache and Lsws rock. 100,000 page views in less than 5 minutes! Pity compressed files don’t work.

And via Jim, How Creativity Is Being Strangled By The Law by Larry Lessig.

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