Jethro @ sucks


Unfortunately it’s simple to steal photos these days, and I spotted my Thieving Duck on yet another joke site. Most recently, the News of the World used it, this time it’s on

Unfortunately Jethro, the owner of the site, has declined to acknowledge my email of the 25th June and so refused to add a link to my blog post.

Hi Jethro,

The picture of the duck robbing the woman ( was taken by me in Chicago in 2005 and the original image can be found at

I would appreciate a link back to that page next to the image please as it’s a copyrighted image. Lots of other sites have already done the same, including and

Thanks, glad you like the photo!


I don’t mind too much when a site owner responds and adds a link back to my blog, but when they ignore me then my temper rises. Bah!


The Thieving Duck on The News Of The world


Do you read the UK Sunday newspaper, The News Of The World? A comment was left on my photoblog yesterday saying that newspaper used my Thieving Duck image in their magazine and I’m interested in seeing it for myself. If it’s true, they used the image without permission or attribution and that makes me just a little bit angry.

I’m posting this here because this blog has a lot more readers than my photoblog and I already mentioned it there and nobody responded. I emailed the newspaper yesterday but I’m not holding my breath waiting for a reply.

If you have last Sunday’s newspaper, I would really appreciate a photo of the page in question. I can be emailed at donncha @, thanks!

Update! In case you missed my comment below, I received an email from NotW offering me their standard rate which I’ve accepted. Hopefully I’ll hear back from them soon.