Bush assassinated on TV

George Bush AssassinatedI wondered why I saw someone visit my blog by searching for this subject. It appears that a tv drama will depict the assassination of US President George Bush! They use, “archive footage, actors and computer effects to portray the president being shot dead.”

Why? They want to explore the effects of the War on Terror on the US apparently. Do they presume that the US President will be shot in an act of revenge? It’s on More 4 on October 9th. I’ll watch it. (via)

While we’re on the subject of wacky ideas, I watched Being John Malkovich tonight. What a crazy film, but definitely worth seeing.

4 thoughts on “Bush assassinated on TV

  1. They want to explore the effects of the War on Terror

    Not much of an effect, likely, considering who is next in line. To people who would like to see Bush (I’ll be civil) removed from office, Cheney is even less desirable. Cheney is, afterall, older and much more experienced in Executive Office affairs than is Bush, so he has a lot more influence on policy than an ordinary Vice President would.

  2. Bush and Cheney are great. Grow ups as opposed to unDemocrats who only seem to limp along with the help of a press that props them up by covering for them time after time.

    You Bush haters better be ready … If Zero Bama gets elected I’m going to be the first to make the movie about him in the same context….getting shot.

    Tough luck. This sort of thing goes both ways. And one can imagine with the type of damage that socialism does its even more realistic scenario than what you imagine with Bush.

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