Working at home, with children

I hope Ryan sees this, but 6 tips for working at home with children lists 2 good work habits that anyone working at home should follow:

  1. Maintain a good work schedule, and stick to it.
  2. Take a long lunch and enjoy your opportunity to work from home.

I haven’t been able to do either. I usually get up early (sunrise at 6.30 is quite spectacular from my office!), straight to my desk to post a photo, check email, irc, web stats, and then shower, breakfast, back to desk, bring the dog for a walk, work, break, work, quick lunch, work. Suddenly it’s 6pm and I’m wondering where all the time has gone.

That’s a normal day, but sometimes I need to get out and do some chore. Then I can be catching up the hours until late into the night.
Automattic is a 24-hour company. Podz and I are in Europe and the rest of the guys in the US, I wonder sometimes what it would be like to work on hours more closely tied to the other side of the Atlantic? The 8 hours difference between here and San Francisco is unrealistic, but maybe 4 or 6 hours. Then I laugh and think that Jacinta would kill me because we’d never see each other!

Working from home? It’s the best thing I’ve ever done! (via)

4 thoughts on “Working at home, with children

  1. I just read this tonight and all I can say is you lucky, lucky…

    I posted this earlier tonight, after having spent far to long sitting in traffic this morning to get to the office. 🙁

  2. Maintaining a good work schedule is the problem I’m facing also currently. When you work at home or in other words, working by yourself, you tend not to do things in order. Maybe, I lack of discipline. Discipline is the key to success when you are working at home.

  3. I would like to add up some more about working at home. For me, I’m a husband. I have a beautiful wife and cute little daughter. What troubling me the most when my wife and daughter disturbing me when I’m doing my work. It’s hard to make them understand. I usually advice my wife, even though I’m working at home, that does not mean she can call me to do some errands whenever she likes. She has to respect me. I don’t know whether some people who is currently working at home have this kind of problem.

  4. Working at home will become interesting once you have made money already. I wouldn’t advice for some people who quit their job just to work at home when the income is still not reach to the amount they desire.

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