Surfers finally beat the giant wave of Moher

Surfers have ridden and beaten the huge waves off the Cliffs of Moher in Co. Clare.

A film is being made about the event, and a preview is available because of the interest in it!
I wonder was Peter anywhere nearby with his camera?

5 thoughts on “Surfers finally beat the giant wave of Moher

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  2. Surf report as of 12/26/06 Pittas Point macking out bad, current, Mandos lower Pittas, 3-4 meters bad cuurent. Ventura point aka C-Street aka Surfers point 5-6 meters, very bad current, no beginner need apply, pros have been pulled through the pier. I have seen sets at 7 meters sweep the pier and tear out pilings.
    I am a knee boarder and had a great days surf at Inchdoney most recently. I will return next fall.I hope Spanish Point is working BTW Sarah Dorcey (County Mayo) my great great grand mother married John Petticoate (suckey name eh. My mom’s side ( Tobynne, Co. Tipperary) came from Ireland to northen Illinois. Dairy farmers both sides. Our dairy product suck compared to yours.
    Contact me. I’d be happy to take some irish surfer dudes and dudettes out to Rincon Point. Its macking out today at 5-7 meters. Cheers!
    Tim Peddicord
    11 Calle Cinco De Mayo
    Oak View, CA 93022 USA
    Phone (805)649-5861

    1. Hi Tim, I wonder if you will remember me, met in Lisdoonvarna & in Clonmel. How in the devil are you keeping. Hoping to hear from you.

      John & FAmily.

  3. Dudes and dudettes, Surf report at Pittas point as of Jan. 3 2007
    went out with my kneeboard. Waves 5-8 feet or 2-3 meters. I have never seen as many people in the tube before. As I told one lad, “You were so far back in the tube I needed a flashlight to see you.” Before I went out I met Dan Molloy, nice guy we talked surfing Ireland. BTW I got tubed also. I tucked my head in as the tube were oval, went into the green room and after a bit it zippered shut with me inside. Cool! Cheers, Tim Dorcey Peddicord

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