The JCB Song

The JCB Song has been linked to by many sites, including Donal and Mel.

Nizlopi have a really nice song. It made it to number 2 in the Irish charts, only pipped to the top by Gift Grub’s Roy Keane.

The JCB site is really entertaining and well done too!
You should also check out this great animation of Radiohead’s Creep. Really good! (Thanks Donal!)

14 thoughts on “The JCB Song

  1. well im rumblin in this jcb im five years old an my dads a giant sitin beside me an engine ratles my bum like beserk while wer singin dont forget your shovel if you want to go to wok an my dad probably had a bloody hard day but hes bin good fun an bublin an jokin away an the prsesion of cars stuck behind r getin all impatiant an angry but we dont mind (chorous) and we pull over the left cars pass and then pull of again speedin by the summer green grass and wer like giants up her in our bid yellow digger like zoyzorg transformers or maybe even bigger an i wana transform into a toranasourous rex and eat up all the bullies and the teachers and ther pets n ill tell all my mates my dads ba baracus but with a jcb and bruce lees nunchukas (music stops for a sec) said im luke on 5 n my dads bruce lee drives me round in his jcb im luke on 5 n my dads bruce lee drives me round in his jcb ow im luke on 5 n my dads bruce lee drives me round (chorous)ow said im luke on five n my dads bruce lee drives me round in his jcb im luke on 5 n my dads bruce lee drives me round in his J C B OOOOOOOOOOOW ders the liriycs to d jcb song in case u wer wonderin but i couldnt be arsed doin d chorous it would ave taken me forever well wot i did tuk me a long time SO READ IT!!!!!!!!

  2. Were Holding Up The By Pass Woooh Me And My Dad Having A Top Laugh Ohhhh And Im Sitting On The Tool Box Woh And Im So Glad Im Not in School Bus So Glad Im Not In School!!!!!!!! And Thats The Chorus It Didnt Take Me A Long Time But Read It Especially U Butcher Thatll Teach Ye 4 Only Doin Half Ur Work Ya Lazy F*** (Only Messing Butchersam Ur Cool) lol

  3. “zoyzorg transformers ” its “zoids or transformers””im luke on 5” its “im luke im 5 ” other than that pretty good….

  4. just heard about this from a girl in work, fuckin’ cool song, made me cry. I have two boys (one with adhd, which I think Luke has/had?) and I lost my da 15 yrs ago. He really nails those too rare moments when a father and son share something that neither will ever forget. Gonna try and have as many of them as I can before mine are grown up and gone.
    Oh yeah, Kisstina, its “i’m glad we’re not in school boss”, see his dad was an Irish builder and “boss” is the term these stalwarts of the global construction industry use when addressing their clients/victims e.g. “We’ll have that job finished in two weeks boss”, “it won’t cost more than a couple of grand boss” “no problem boss” etc.

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