That Hunkey Dorey Advert?

Ray D’Arcy and co are talking about the Hunkey Dorey advert that displays 3 ladies and asks, “Who would you throw out of bed for eating Hunkey Dorey crisps in bed?”
Has anyone seen it around Cork? For purely research purposes of course, I’d like to see the advert that would keep a line of drivers amused while the traffic lights changed to green and back to red while they stared at it!

8 thoughts on “That Hunkey Dorey Advert?

  1. Heard that too and now I’m dying to see it, somebody needs to snap away and put it up on Flickr. I’ll be in Dublin next week so I’ll be keeping a close eye out for it … hope it lives up to all the hype now 😉

  2. Big billboard on the way into Killeagh coming from Castlemartyr.

    Couldn’t camera-phone it and drive at the same time unfortunately. It’s a piece of advertising genius – definitely up there with “Hello Boys”. And as it is causing a bit of stir, it has done it’s job perfectly.

    I think I spotted a version for women around Mahon Point yesterday too.

  3. I’ve seen a few around the place. One is near the Little Island railway station on the old road to Carrigtwohill. I wouldn’t throw ANY of them out of bed!

  4. I also had the suspicion that they were/are tranny’s. Then again, it’s about the only time this year I’ve paid any attention to an ad on the dart, so something must be working in its favour…

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