Bring Back Bosco!

If you’re not Irish you probably don’t know about Bosco, but if you grew up in the 80’s he’ll be instantly familiar. The Bosco Files has been around for a while but now, here’s a petition to bring back Bosco!
Maybe now they can answer why bosco has red cheeks, and will Frank be back to do a comedy intro?

Later.. The Bosco DVD is out! As is the Wanderly Wagon one! Here’s a picture of them in HMV, Cork a week ago. Did I buy? Err, no.

101 thoughts on “Bring Back Bosco!

  1. I don’t think RTE realise the retro goldmine they’re sitting on. I’d love to see a late night chatshow hosted by either Dustin or Bosco just taking the mickey out of Irish celebs

  2. please can anyone tell me where i can get a bosco puppet,i’ve been trying for years,have a bet on with friends who think i cant get one.eeven if someone wnats to make me one i’ll pay.

    1. I have a tatty old bosco puppet, goin to put him on ebay,he’s old and well played with but he’ll be there if anyone’s interested!

  3. I found links to recordings of the old Bosco LP. Link to side 1 worked, but side 2 didn’t unfortunately. I’ll post the link here after I’ve got side 1 🙂

  4. Bosco rox! wen i was 7 i held a strike 2 bring him back!
    the world is a brighter place wen bosco is around

  5. I found this discussion on with a link to MP3s of the Bosco album. Unfortunately only side 1 worked.
    Remember, legally, you can only download this if you already have the LP. I know we had it at home years and years ago so I’m covered anyway! 🙂

  6. does any one feel that the children of today are missing out on Bosco and his wierdly clad friends Eg. Frank.I think we should get him back or at least get repeats for the new generation.

  7. Anyone see Bosco at the Electric Picnic – s/he got an amazing response – when s/he was finished the crowd kept shouting BOS-CO BOS-CO BOS-CO…

  8. Can anyone remeber the name of the garden that bosco used to visit Mc Flahertys or something like that to settle a debate going on for years?

  9. HMV now has for sale….. the Bosco DVD edition one !! gone on sale this week with all your favourite episodes!!!!!

  10. hi im looking for a copy of bosco and three bears i read it none stop to my children and would love to be able to give them for x-mass now they can read to their own children.if you have a copy and would like to sell it please let me know, many thanks dave

  11. Eh Bosco was pre Dustin,and also Zig and Zag ,in fact it was pre the den and did anyone else have the 12″ vinyl of Bosco AND the also a puppet(coz we all know the original wasn’t a puppet!)

  12. I had a Bosco puppet as a child, but it had a solid wooden head and my mother wisely decided to confiscate it when I started beating my cousin over the head with it.

  13. You’re all serious aren’t you..? SERIOUSLY??? C’mon folks, i’m all for nostalgia, ah the fun, remember when it was sunny 105 days a year, ice-cream and a bottla of red lemonade for 5p, never locked OUR doors at night, but JESUS, gimme a break, NONE OF THAT WAS ACTUALLY TRUE! Nostalgia, like Bosco, is a load of bollix, it was a CRAP show, torture to watch, but was the only bloody thing on telly at that hour for children, so no bloody choice but to sit there wondering WHY the presenters didn’t know the words to there own songs, WHY they never seemed to have time to actually finish the stuff they made, and WHY they called Bosco him, when it had a clearly female voice. They showed the same clips every 3 shows, and though i will admit that i’d quite like a Bosco ring-tone, i wouldn’t wish that show on my child in a million years!!

  14. Well if babs hates Bosco so much… Why is he on the link for bosco in the first place. Bosco was a bit of a fool but we all loved the exciting magic door, etc.

  15. RTE have to bring back Bosco if only so I can relive my childhood days watching it while not going into collage! Well it beats Anatomy and physiology!

  16. hi im simon gregory im an animator, im interested in proposing a new tv series of bosco if anyone is interested in supporting me e mail me at and leave your name and comment thanks, ill forward on my new designs for him to ya!!!!

  17. Thanks for providing this information, it has been useful in tracking down this tune for my good friend and colleague Paddy O’ Potato who has been working with me in Leeds, England for some time! That said, I do believe that Bosco looks a little like Whoopi Goldberg.

  18. I miss Bosco, he was such a big part of my childhood. You have to be Irish and have grown up in the late 80s and 90s to appreciate him. He is a legend. PS the DVD is great

  19. Ahh I miss Bosco, he was such a big part of my childhood. You have to be Irish and have grown up in the late 80s and 90s to appreciate him. He is a legend. PS the DVD is great

  20. bosco’s best friend (Frank Towmey) is mc for corks new comedy club.starting thurs 11 may 2006 and every second thurs after.There is talk of bosco himself makein an apperance.Nancy Spains barrack st cork there or be,,,,,

  21. i really miss bosco and would love to see to see him on tv again …….. we all rely lv bosco x x x !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Can i just ask who is fukin bosco? can sum1 tel me wot 2 do wen im bord i cant go round to my mates cos there all fukin out wot do i do and plus noones on msn so wot do i do plzplzplz help me

  23. bosco was the most amazing programme ever broadcasted on rte and if they dont bring it back they are going to lose out on a lot of viewers

  24. i loved bosco he was the best i got his dvd and i am 18 he brings bk my childhood and made my childhood so much happier love u bosco

  25. bring em back already! have so much respect for the lil guy. loved it when they went thru the magic door.

  26. Bring him/her back. I promise I’ll watch it this time proudly and with glee. Not behind my hands pretevding to my elder brother I thought it was childish. Tidy up, good bye, good bye, put everythi….. la la la la la.

  27. Bring back bosco, my daddy used to clooect me from school and drive 90 miles an hour just to get me home in time for it. He’d have the sofa pulled up to the t.v. ready and all. Such memories. And the d.v.d. is top class. Please bring it back

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