Flight Over Water

Caught in mid-flight at the Lough, Cork

Post processing:

  • Converted from RAW with gimp-ufraw
  • Rotated and cropped a much larger image, this is why the extra mega pixels are handy!
  • Cleanup with Dcam noise, sharpen with unsharp mask.
  • Colour adjustment with colour mixer.
  • Resize and unsharp mask again.
  • Duplicate Layer. Bottom layer is blurred with a radius of 15 pixels, and brightened significantly.
  • Set layer mode of top layer to “Overlay” to give the soft light/starry light effect.

9 thoughts on “Flight Over Water

  1. Thanks guys! The bird was sitting on the lake wall and I surprised it when we walked by. He flew into the air and quick as I could I snapped this shot!

  2. Donncha, I love the picture. I live on the water and my favorite time of the day is the afternoons when all the pelicans come to our pier and sit. Nothing to me is more peaceful than to watch the birds come and go as the sun is setting. This picture reminded me of home! thanks!

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