Little Feeding Bird

This morning as I made my breakfast Ray D’Arcy on Today FM announced that they were looking for photographers for their “Odd One Out” quiz. I rushed for the phone and as I was about to dial, looked out the window and saw this little bird feeding.
Should I ring, or should I take a picture? I decided on the latter, rushed upstairs for my camera and 75-300 zoom and snapped off 40 shots through the kitchen window!
Sorry Ray! Jacinta and I have been watching this little bird for the past few weeks and I was dyign to get a good shot of him! Besides the local crows, he’s the only bird who’s figured out that there are peanuts in the feeder. Hopefully the robins will notice the source of food as the weather gets colder.

13 thoughts on “Little Feeding Bird

  1. They’re much the same, but because I was shooting through a window some of them had a very ugly shine on them. Others were just too blurry because I was shooting at the maximum zoom, and handheld. Even IS can do only so much for hand shake!

  2. I was listening to the radio on the way to Enniscorthy and heard your name mentioned. I was wondering for a while alright if it was in fact you..

    I had every intention of ringing in for the odd one out but I chickened out cos I figured I wouldn’t be able to stand the humiliation of only getting about 3 right.

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