Last Look

Part of a condemned building on Cornmarket Street.
Naked figures have been displayed in those windows for years but I bet most people never noticed them.

The area is undergoing major rejuvenation. A pedestrian bridge was built across the river at the end of the street, Vibes and Scribes are moving to a new location on the quay, there’s a new building going up next door to this large warehouse which itself will probably be gone soon.
Post 531 of this discussion forum sheds some light on what’s happening down there:

Does anybody else think that OCP’s retail plans for Cornmarket Street, Paul Street, Half moon street and Lavitts Quay, Academy Street, Patrick Street and Emmet Place are spreading out of control?
What about existing boundaries, laneways and city blocks? OCP seem to be buying up anything at all that they can tenuously link to Paul Street.
Just a thought, don’t bite my head off

That forum looks like a good way of keeping up with what architects are doing in Cork.
From what I can gather by searching for “Guy and Company”, they must have been a printer? Books are listed with their name presumably as publisher, and as recently as 1996 they designed a new seal for Cork County Council.

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