Petrol Direct – Cheap online gas

Tired of paying over the odds for fuel? Petrol Direct is the leading Internet based petrol supplier! Here’s a selection of their fuel products:

NOx Enhanced Petrol
Very rarely available in most of Europe, NOx Enhanced Petrol contains a specially dissolved nitrous oxide based compound that can really boost engine performance over short distances.

Ultra Low Cost Value Unleaded (50 RON)
Especially popular with Rover Metro and Nissan Micra drivers, our 50 RON ULCVU fuel is made from refinery leftovers. This is a very inexpensive fuel indeed as it is actually classified as industrial waste rather than fuel.

3 thoughts on “Petrol Direct – Cheap online gas

  1. I know I am stating the obvious but due to the lack of sarcasm in your post I had to make sure you realised that this is a joke.

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