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The Fun Lovin’ Criminals played last night in The Savoy in Cork. This is the second time I’ve seen them play. The last time was in the Show Grounds in Blackrock when I got down there early and into the enclosure in front of the stage. At the time I thought the performance was great but the sound quality was terrible!
Part of FLC’s attraction for me is the great lyrics. On their studio albums Huey’s voice can clearly be heard, but their live performances leave a lot to be desired. It was difficult to make out what song they were playing from time to time as the sound was so fuzzy and loud!
The concert was disappointing for me. They played several encores but I felt like leaving before they were finished. I still love their studio work but I don’t think I’ll be going to see them play live again.
Mel was there too and thinks the same about their sound quality.

Photos taken with my Panasonic FZ5, usually at 12x zoom. Sorry about the bad quality!

5 thoughts on “Fun Lovin' Pictures

  1. I think the sound quality was not great but that was the fault of the sound engineer, not the band. I thought the band was amazing and would definitely go and see them again if/when they return. Their version of Jimi Hendrix’s Foxy Lady was amazing, and that’s not an easy song to pull off! Great pics! Where did you watch the band from? We were to the left when facing the stage, near the door to go to the smoking section.

  2. We were standing only a few feet behind you up the small stairs so I had a good view. Unfortunately a drinks-collector walked past who probably told security who came over to me a minute later and told me cameras weren’t allowed! They didn’t say a word to all the camera-phone owners I saw. When the band came out a load of arms raised up in the air and lots of little screens flickered to life!

    I think the band has to be at fault here though. This is the second time I saw them and the sound quality was crap both times. First time was in a marquee years ago so it’s doubtful they had the same engineer and/or equipment both times.
    Foxy Lady was good.. once I figured out what the song was. Maybe the venue was too small for their sound equipment. Surely they should have known that?

  3. They played here the other night. There was an outdoor screening of Pulp Fiction the FLC played a Pulp Fiction inspired set. It cost a fiver. I, however, did not attend. My mate went and recounted his experience of being about a mile away from the band, stuck in front of some scallies who were exchanging stoies about swapping 2 blades of grass for a line of something else and a quater tab of his gran’s heart medicine. Sounds like you all had a better time.

  4. Please could you e-mail me the Lumix operating instructions, I can`t find them on the Panasonic website.

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