Thunderbird Feeds and Messages: Duplicates?

I use Thunderbird to track several RSS feeds but one thing that annoys me about reading feeds is the problem of recurring links. It’s not surprising that the same links appear time and again but here’s a way to delete those duplicates: The Remove Duplicate Messages extension does just that. It will compare different elements of messages and offer to delete them.
It works best with RSS feeds when you select “Compare subject/Compare message body (slow)” in Tools->Extensions->Remove Duplicate Messages->Options.
If you use, you’ll notice all the dupes that come through when feedster is down. This’ll get rid of those too!

5 thoughts on “Thunderbird Feeds and Messages: Duplicates?

  1. Thank you much for this post. I was ready to trash Thunderbird due to the duplicates. I’ll hang on a while now due to this extension which is working like a charm.

  2. i was using this extension to filter duplicate entries from

    i switched to using yahoo pipes – no i don’t get duplicates anymore , so no need to remove them

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