4 Replies to “25 Lessons I Have Learned”

  1. You should! Your photos are excellent some of them would definitely make it onto the Interestingness page that was recently launched.

    If you click through on some of the photos there you can see there are Flickr groups covering every concievable topic and you can submit your photos to them, while retaining your copyright or what not of course.

  2. I’m actually trying to get accepted on istockphoto.com but so far a few of my photos have been rejected becase of noise or blur! grrr. I haven’t submitted that many shots so hopefully I can select ones that pass muster soon.

  3. you definately need to get yourself an account. I got one of the two year accounts a few months ago while the special offer was on. Now some 1500 shots and a few thousand views later, I’m happy I spent the $50. Better than paying a webhost for a finite amount of space and a finite amount of bandwidth!

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