Will R. is writing a book on this topic, and makes the following statement in his blog (

>Edu Blog Hosting
>August 1st, 2005 — Will R.
>So the good news is that there finally seems to be some >options for teachers wanting to implement Weblogs in their >classrooms in ways that are safe and effective. I’m in the >process of putting together an overview of four of them >that will be included in the book:
># Blogmeister, from David Warlick
># WordPress Multi User, hosted by James Farmer
># NL Communities, offered by Alan November
># Manila from
>I may be wrong, and please tell me if I am, but I think >those are the only four that offer the teacher preapproval >of student posts/comment moderation capabilities that seem >to be requirements for most educators starting out. With >any luck, I’ll have a breakdown posted later this week.

Do you know if this is complete/correct information? It would seem that any WordPress installation could be setup to allow teacher preapproval/moderation of posts…