Backstreet Boys – As Long As You Love Me.. like never before

Following on from the great performance of the fat Dutch man comes Backstreet Boys’ As Long As You Love Me (4MB video file, let’s hope it’s mirrored soon!). It’s done in the same style by 2 lads, with another guy playing CS in the background. Love those facial expressions! 🙂

71 thoughts on “Backstreet Boys – As Long As You Love Me.. like never before

  1. This guy is the absolute craziest and coolest person i know!! Well that is if you dont include me! and my friends!

  2. back street boys are gay the all need to crawl in a whole and stay there for ever so we dont have to endure more songs about them and the dumb ass things they do. and how despreate must T be if he or she has to ask for sex on a comment page. well T good luck with the sex.

  3. i love backstreet boys with all my heart!…they are basically my life…i would do pretty much anything for them…and if i had any chance to meat them i totaly would!

  4. I went to see the Backstreet Boys in concert in Dublin the other day and they were fantastic. If your not a fan then don’t comment. Kevin looked as gorgous as ever.

  5. the backstreet boys are so not gay if any one thinks that thay are gay the are NOT.i love them + thay got girlfirends and some of them are even married.THAY ARE STILL COOL

  6. hey, i was just wondering if the backstreet boys were playing in dublin anytime soon because my girlfriend loves them and i want to buy her tickets

  7. backstreet boys are the best group they are great and i love them all i love them because they can sing they can dance because they are the best group ever and because they are backstreet boys

  8. Are you stupid Backstreet Boys is not gay ok and beside you have no respect on what they did they are great singer and don’t think that you should not say that IF YOU SAY SOMETHING LIKE TO THEM THAN YOU ARE GAY FUCKHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. People people people please!! what the hell are you all driveling about they are just yet another boy band DESIGNED by the corporate music giants and taylored so as all you NUTHEADS fancy them and buy all their crap!! in real life they probably f**king hate all the little girls fancying them the only reason they all look happy is they are getting about £10,000 a week, i’d do anything for that money even be in a boy band, but come on gals grow-up will ya!

  10. do you know why backstreet boys are called that! because rent boys work in the backstreets!! fucking queer ass mother fucking faggots who all have small cocks but never the less still play with each other in the bath tub cunting twat smashing ass flying bolock grinding handstanding wanking cunt faced fuckers man!!!!!!

  11. you know what–If you are a guy and you like the backstreet boys you are a really big fucking faggot. They are a bunch a fucking bitches who like to ride on each others cock’s all fucking day. I hope that somebody puts a fucking bullet in the head of those ass pounding fucking queers. I hate those fucks. They are so fucking gay.

    From–Fuck you

  12. i love ya nike carter and aj all you backstreet boys rock i wish i could go to your concert tonight. YOU ROCK!

  13. i love backstreet boys so much they are the best singers in the world. your the best nick carter

  14. you rock i wish i could see you live right now people that hate them are realy stupid!!!!!!!!!

  15. hey, lol I LOVEEEE the backstreet boys, im pretty sure id die for aj if the time came. i went to 1 fo their concerts 4 the never gone tour & i honestly lost my voice!! yea they were AMAZINGGG & aj was G O R G E O U S!!!!!!!!
    loveee; Melanieeeee.

  16. Hello ! I think that Backstreet boys are sweet ! I really do like them ! But I love a song from them and it is “As long as you love my ” ! I play it all the time ! It was one of my best friends there are starting to play it , and then i do it to !

    Love Ya, Line

  17. I think they are a material, money-making group.. they’re singing songs for 13-year-old girls.. and besides, they’re too “gay” to function!

  18. Hi All,

    Just thought I would set the ball rolling again !!!. I was just listening to the BSB’s and I still think Kevin is gorgous as per my last comment in October. Pity he is married. HOTTIE, HOTTIE, HOTTIE. The little Spanish guy isn’t bad either, Hola Guapisimo !!!!!!.

  19. All you guys are insane if you think that BSB are gay. I think thet you all should look at yourselfs. Can’t wait for their new album. BSB rocks!

  20. people who rant here need to get a life or get off this site. there is nothing wrong with bsb. they are performing artist. if u dont like them, then buzz off. how would you like it someone talked a bunch of crap about ur fav band huh? bsb are good at singing and as long as they keep on producing hits i will listen to them.

    ps: maybe the people who got so uptight are just jealous of all the attention the bsb are getting… what a bunch of sorry losers.

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