Grandma Eats Cannabis

I just heard the tail end of an interview with a 66 year old grandmother who appeared in court on Friday week ago for making cannabis laced cookies as a treat for friends and neighbours.
She was using the drug to ease her aches and back pain, for medicinal purposes.
She’s now running for election in Wales.
Guess what? She has a website with recipes and ideas! It’s!

3 thoughts on “Grandma Eats Cannabis

  1. Hi there sorry to disturb couldnt help but replying as you can see from my website she has a grandson as well if you need any other pics or info just ask me,love peace and best wishes to all ps her cannabis and chicken pie is the best

  2. Of course cannabis should be legalised and now while politicians are exclaiming to change the old mind-set, and do things transparently and honestly, the normalising of cannabis would be a good start to a new beginning.

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