Cheap Calls in Ireland, continued

This thread on UTV Talk is englightening. I should have read the terms and conditions when I signed up, because according to section 4.10 I can’t use other telecoms providers like Vartec or Telestunt for mobile and international calls.
Funny thing is, I used both services after my UTV Talk account went active and my call was connected each time. I’ll wait for my Vartec bill to come before I can say for certain what happened. Meanwhile, a phone call to ComReg might pay off.

4.10 The Customer accepts and acknowledges that (i) the Access Provider shall bar access to all carrier selection and carrier access codes on telephone lines that have SB-WLR applied and (ii) override codes are not available for use by the Customer in conjunction with the Service (i.e. a Customer cannot access another operator’s network in making calls through use of a prefix). The Customer accepts that UTV shall have no liability for any losses or damages howsoever arising from non provision of the Service in the event that such restrictions are not accepted by the Customer.

Note – I received an Eircom bill a few days ago and UTV sent me an email saying they had some problems with lines. Scroll to the bottom of the thread above for recent comments on same!

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