Photography and Graphics Links

How to make a Button Set in the GIMP. Nice.
Solving Color and White Balance Problems: Using Levels – Works equally well in the GIMP too!
Slow Shutter Speeds and Long Exposure Photography – Here’s my tip. Hold the camera steady in your hands, suck in your breath and let it out slowly, hit the shutter. Hard to do, but easier with practise. Rick has a Sony F717 and took “infra red” photos with it in night-shot mode and a 5 1/4″ disk! Must try that!
Two on the iPod – Hacking iPod and iTunes, universal remote control, run Linux on it, put it in your car. Here’s a not very encouraging review of the iPod Photo from playlistmag. All I want is a device to store images while “out in the field” for extended periods so there are better suited products out there IMO.
A Killer Digital Lens – there’s so much happening in the digital camera world, it’s extraordinary!
Ken Rockwell updated with new stuff in the last month, including a review of the Canon 20D (and complains that sync speed is too slow) and an updated digital workflow article. Good thing he uses a Mac, “we just don’t have “computer” problems like that that people blindly using windows consider acceptable.” hehe.

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