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Must read this copyright application tutorial

You already own it. In most cases, unless you specifically signed away your rights, you – the photographer – own the copyright and the right to license and re-license the image in any way you choose. This is true even if you have not registered your copyright or put your copyright notice on the image. Where registration makes a real difference is when something has gone wrong and your rights are being infringed.

Interesting. You can register your photo with ASMP to help protect your copyright. I haven’t had any problem with copyright yet, and hopefully won’t in the future either!
And did you think you could publish and profit from your City photos?

In addition to property-release issues, you also need to think about copyright concerns vis-a-vis buildings if they were built after December 1, 1990. Before that, buildings did not have copyright protection and were thus, by definition, in the public domain. Shoot away.

I presume that applies in the US, is the law the same in the EU?
(Thanks Mark for the link)

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  1. Thanks for the plug, Donncha. Just one point: You don’t register your copyrights with ASMP; you register with the Copyright Office. (If you’re not a US citizen, you can still register — that’s in one of the tutorial’s FAQs.)

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