The Canon 20D DSLR: First Impressions in the Field

Here’s a glowing review of The Canon 20D DSLR.. Can my credit card resist? ‘Fraid so! *sob* (via Mark)
Later.. Here’s another review, this time from Steve’s Digicams. Yes. I’m lusting after this camera!

By Donncha

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6 replies on “The Canon 20D DSLR: First Impressions in the Field”

Looks like a good review at first glance, I’m going to give it a proper read later on. I’m still waiting on my 20D to arrive, it’s on back-order, hopefully I will have it in the next week or so! Then, next time I’m down working in Cork for a few days, your more than welcome to take it for a spin, though, I reckon that could be a bad idea, because your sooh gonna want to buy one then! ;o)

/me drools in your general direction. I’ll wait until next year before splashing out on it. Damn, why’d I buy a house? I could buy all these new toys^H^H^H^Hgreat cameras and stuff!

Woo hoo, bought it… Spent all morning in Jessops taking photos of customers, and outside the shop. was supposed to be a first recce\’ but I had to have it! First impressions, VERY easy to operate, very quick. Can\’t wait to get some sun – time outdoors.

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